What Does 'Powerful Feminine' Look Like?


"What does 'powerful feminine' look like?"

My coach asked me that 5 years ago.

Honestly, I was stumped.

I knew what a powerful masculine looked like and what a little girl looked like, but a powerful, grown-up feminine? I couldn’t see her.

This is my first draft of what powerful feminine looks like to me:

**Powerful Feminine Manifesto **

As powerfully feminine humans, we….

🔥We take the time to know what we want and ask for it, with full vulnerability, letting ourselves feel the tenderness in the asking.

🔥We are gracious and grateful in receiving love, attention, gifts, and opportunities. We aren’t tempted into entitlement.

🔥We embrace our periods of darkness, grief, and rage as we trust that each emotion has a reason and a season. It won’t be here forever, but it may teach us something - if we listen.

🔥We know the way men treat us is a reflection of how we value ourselves. We honor ourselves (and men) by saying “No” and refusing to tolerate all behavior that doesn’t feel good.

🔥We share love and support to people without care-taking and fixing. We know each person has their own wisdom.

🔥 We trust our appetite - for food, for sex, for connection… We don’t “tone it down” to be a good woman.

🔥We feel connected to nature - earth, animals, plants, seasons. We know when we hurt the earth, we hurt ourselves.

🔥We listen to our bodies first and foremost - our hearts, our gut, our pussy. We let ourselves be guided by intelligence deeper than our minds.

🔥 We trust our cycles of of growth and contraction, extroversion and introversion, light and darkness. We have reverence for the season we are in.

🔥We delight in the magnetism of our beauty and our sex. We are responsible for what we attract into our field.

🔥We name our truth even if it is subtle and we feel crazy for saying it. We know sometimes we feminine creatures can see below the surface and under the rug.

🔥We create exuberantly, letting words, colors, concepts, and ideas flow from our bodies out out into the world, gestating and birthing our whole lives.


Equally important to knowing what is feminine power is knowing what it is NOT. To me, feminine power is not…

⚔️ Self-reliance - we know that deep down, we need each other, and we allow ourselves to be interdependent.

⚔️ Invincibility / “I can handle it” - one of our feminine gifts is our sensitivity. We don’t try to push past that. We let ourselves be fully impacted by life, knowing we are resilient and can recover.

⚔️ “Girls Run the World” / No-Need-For-Men - the feminine rises not to topple the masculine, but to come into unity with it. Man-bashing or trying to emasculate men are toxic mimics of power.

⚔️Entitlement / “Of course he should treat me like a queen.” - entitlement is an attempt to receive without vulnerability. Powerful feminine doesn’t get tempted to close her heart and act entitled or full of expectations.

P.S. By "feminine", I don't mean only women. I mean that feminine or yin energy inside of all of us.