Ready to let yourself have
passion, pleasure, and purpose
-all at once?

For Women…

I see you.

You’re busy, stressed out, constantly going.

Despite how hard you work, your mind tells you, “You should be doing more”.

Most nights you come go home exhausted, trying to hold it all together.

And whether you’re single or in a relationship, there is a deeper part of you has never been touched, seen, or known.


I help you slow down and drop into your body, into this moment.

Together, we quiet those self-critical voices by reclaiming your pleasure and sexuality.

You learn to listen to your quiet voice of desire, your intuitive knowing.


Your life will look 180 degrees different to today.

You will feel juicy, radiant, and vibrant — even when you work a 12-hour day.

Desire will be your compass as you craft a life that is uniquely YOU, not based on external expectations or obligation.  

Your relationships and sex will be exponentially become more passionate, dynamic, and fulfilling.

For Men…

I know your struggle.

Part of you wants lasting intimacy with one woman,

And yet, part of you doesn’t want to settle down and lose your freedom.

When you’re in a relationship, you find it hard to say how you feel and what you want.

She seems angry and you don’t know why (and honestly, it seems like too much work to find out).

When you’re single, you’re swiping on Tinder, discouraged by how shallow and bland it feels.

Interacting with women often seems heavy, confusing, anxiety-producing, and frustrating.

You crave lightness and play, where relating with women feels like easeful flow.


I’ll help you navigate the dance between commitment and freedom, so you have deep intimacy without losing the space you need.

We will destroy the obstacles - internal and external - that block the easeful flow of relating, so interacting with women feels playful, fun, and dynamic… more like a video game than a to-do list.

We’ll practice handling her anger, nagging, and demands in a strong masculine way that honors your rightness and has her feel loved at the same time.

Hi you, I'm Megan
My passion is helping women and men like YOU have more love, better sex, and deeper inner harmony.

I believe we all fundamentally want connected, passionates lives - but sometimes, fears, beliefs, or feelings of "not good enough" get in the way. I help you identify what's blocking you and clear it so you can have that hot sex you've always wanted and the legendary love affairs you dreamt of.

I'm a native Californian, now traveling the world. You'll find me drinking cacao and dancing, between helping change lives through 1:1 coaching and retreats.

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