FemRising: Gratitudes


After a massively great thing happens, I like to write gratitudes to integrate. FemRising blew my mind - so I want to share a few of my gratitudes with you....

❤️ I am grateful to the women who joined us, taking a risk on their desire and believing in themselves and us enough to overcome all obstacles to get to Bali to do this work, in sisterhood. I feel inspired and moved by their courage.

❤️ I am grateful to Rev Joanne Coleman for coming all the way to Bali to support me and these women, for helping me hear this work as my calling, and sharing her infinite wisdom with this group. I feel deeply honored by her presence.

❤️ I am grateful to Aimee Batuski for the fierce, playful way she co-lead and co-coached with me, helping the women take deeper levels of responsibility and power in their lives. I feel backed and inspired.

❤️ I am grateful to Taisha Cortes for her soft, gentle but also penetrative sight, the way she held me in my tender spots while keeping her attention on the whole group. I feel safe and soft.

❤️ I am grateful to Summer Hokulani Engman for the way she sees beauty in the world around her, capturing it so we can see the world and ourselves through her eyes. I feel seen and cherished.

❤️ I am grateful to Denise Harris for her passion and devotion to the feminine and the way she pours love on everyone, overflowing from her heart out into the room. I feel touched by it.

❤️ I am grateful for the love and attention from the venue (Bali EcoStay) - hot water thermos daily, specially plated breakfast for each woman, daily cleaning with flowers.... I feel loved and held.

❤️ I am grateful for the delicious, healthy food, grown straight in their garden and how good my body felt eating it. I feel nourished, strong, and vibrantly healthy.

❤️ I am grateful for the lush, radiant beauty of Bali - the waterfalls, rice paddies, and raw jungle that reminds me of my own wildness. I feel in awe, curious, and playful.

❤️ I am grateful for my teachers - Nicole Daedone, Regena Thomashauser, Angela Richardson, Rachael Hemsi, Jack Elias, Allison Armstrong, and so, so many more who's wisdom has poured into me and through me to this group, as we spread radical teachings on feminine power, waking up, sex, and desire. I feel grateful, honored, and humbled.

❤️ I am grateful for the women's desires and how their wanting called forward the 8-week Desire Incubator and the next retreat in March already and how it felt like effortless service to me. I feel lit up, inspired, and motivated to create.

Phew! Long post and that's just scratching the surface. So much goodness and desire in here that I want to share with you, so you feel a part of our journey too. What are you grateful for? I'd love to hear below!

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